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Size/System: 7'0" / Futures / Balso Flex

THE EVOLVE is designed as someone's first board coming off a soft board, it's designed to catch waves easily, be super stable and fast, really fast.

With ample nose and tail area, plus plenty of nose and tail volume your stance and positioning on the board are not so critical, you can stand anywhere and it still goes.

The goal is to make it across a green-breaking wave to the end.


Length Width Volume
6'6" 21 1/2" 41.6 ltr
7'0" 22" 45.8 ltr
7'6" 22 7/16" 50.1 ltr
8'0" 22 9/16" 57.3 ltr




  • Outline

    With all this area in general and the wider nose, paddle speed is really good. Generous area allows the board to plane and catch waves early. Also the board is not dependent on the rider being in the exact right spot, forward or back a little and the board still goes.


    The board in general is not super thick, but the thickness does carry to the rail, this gives a forgiving rail that won't bury too easily or over respond, but still allows the rider to try duck diving with the overall lower volume.


    The low rocker offers good paddle speed and carries into the waves regardless of positioning. Most importantly of all it holds great speed while on the wave. If you can't make it to the end of a peeling wave on an Evolve, maybe try a different sport.


    Flat, fast, stable. 


    The deck is quite flat because the volume is low but the rails carry thickness. Comfortable to ride, the board carries more thickness into the nose and tail. The combined area and flat rocker all help to keep the board moving regardless of body position on the board.


    Thruster. This enables the rider to take things to the next level when he/she is ready.