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Shapers / S.P.F. Airlite Dual Tab Tri Fin



S.P.F. Airlite Dual Tab Tri Fin

Shapers new AIRLITE construction is a unique ultra-light-weight core that is shaped to create precision foils whilst minimises fibreglass and resin consumption. AIRLITE’s strength-to-weight ratio is a major benefit whilst providing an all round balanced flex pattern and smooth ride. AIRLITE constructions are featured throughout the entire range and are the perfect match for the Shapers Global Surf Series (S.P.F / F.P.R / C.A.D). AIRLITE’s perform well across a wide range of surfing conditions, surfboards and surfing styles.

Speed, Power, Flow! Speedy, powerful down the line surfing, drives hard off the bottom, quick off the top, whips through carves and cutties. Well suited to boards with medium to extreme rocker, S.P.F promotes fast, responsive surfing with continuous flow. If the surfer likes to link multiple turns together (combo’s) whilst holding speed, than S.P.F is a wise choice. Importantly, the S.P.F is more responsive than the typical raked fin which makes is easier to engage and direct and will therefore perform at all levels of surfing.

Available in FCS Fin Systems

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