JS Surfboards / Red Baron HYFI 2.0 SET

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Size/Fins: 5'3" x 20 1/2" x 2 5/16" x 28.3L - FCS II


SET Includes
  • JS Red Baron Board
  • FCSII Modern Keel Twin Fins
  • Leash (Shapers Regular or Slater Comp)



Our unparalleled epoxy technology, HYFI, is a unique multi-layer construction that feels like nothing else out there. Think of it as a futuristic exoskeleton for a surfboard that allows it to be lighter and stronger than ever before, while still maintaining the ideal spring-loaded flex for maximum performance. Now, in the last 5 years since it was first released, we’ve taken everything learned to improve each aspect – the performance, flex, speed, materials used and manufacturing processes.

Our Black Baron twin became a global favourite for mixing old school speed alongside new school flair, with enough versatility to let you ride it in weak beachies or quality, down the line points and reefs. Now we’ve created its little brother, the Red Baron, to take the same diverse approach, but added even more float and glide to really excel when other boards struggle.

Essentially, it’s ridden shorter and wider than your Black Baron, with slightly extra width in the tail outline also providing more flow and easy speed generation. Vee is maintained in the bottom contour throughout, like the original Baron, although a touch more double concave in the Red Baron provides drive and helps you project down the line. Ridden approximately 2 inches shorter than the Black Baron, another point of difference lies in the fins – we’ve designed the Red Baron to use a keel fin template, as the high area and depth delivers control and helps maintain incredible speed on rail. Classic keel fins offer maximum drive and hold, making sure you’re able to get creative even at high speeds on a much shorter board.

5 0 19  7/8 2   1/8 FISH TAIL 23.6
5 1 20  0 2   3/16 FISH TAIL 25
5 2 20  1/8 2   1/4 FISH TAIL 26.2
5 3 20  1/2 2   5/16 FISH TAIL 28.3
5 4 20  3/4 2   3/8 FISH TAIL 29.9
5 5 20  7/8 2   7/16 FISH TAIL 31.3
5 6 21  0 2   1/2 FISH TAIL 32.9
5 7 21  1/8 2   9/16 FISH TAIL 34
5 8 21  1/4 2   5/8 FISH TAIL 35.5
5 9 21  1/2 2   5/8 FISH TAIL 36.6
5 10 21  3/4 2   11/16 FISH TAIL 38.5
5 11 21  7/8 2   3/4 FISH TAIL 39.6
6 0 22  0 2   3/4 FISH TAIL 40.7




An overall low to flat rocker is well suited to create speed and glide in small to average conditions.

Fin setup

Red Baron comes stock as a twin fin. We recommend our JS Keel Fin for Future boxes and the FCSII Modern Keel fin for FCSII boxes.

Glassing specs

HYFI 2.0

Rail type

Red Baron has flat low rails as a result of the board's flat deck, hiding volume in the right places for extra float, but also allowing you to turn at high speed.



Red Baron features a VEE throughout the board from nose to tail with added double concave through the fins. This design helps rock the board from rail to rail with ease.