Freedom would like thank ALL our valued customers for your past and continuing support and enthusiasm for our shop and the sport of surf and SUP.  We could not do it without you, and we can never thank you enough for your loyalty.

We also know that the Covid-19 pandemic is causing a lot of hardship for many of you. People are stuck at home, out of work, and unsure about the future. We do believe that this thing will end one day (hopefully sooner than later), people will go back their jobs and normal lives, and we can all go surfing again! In the meantime, we want to help in any small way we can.

Surf season will be here in a couple of months, and we would like to see everyone back out in the water and having fun as soon as possible. We have decided to put ALL our surfboards on substantial discount, offer free shipping,  and add a bonus package so you are ready to hit the waves when the time comes. You can choose to pay up front or pay in 3 easy installments through June 30.

Please see full details below. Contact us by EMAIL or on FACEBOOK with your questions, comments, and orders.

We look forward to being of service and seeing you in the water soon.

Stay Safe

The Freedom Team


BONUS PACK (With purchase of any surfboard)

  • 1 Basecoat Bit Bar + 2 Regular Sticky Bumps Wax
  • Free Leash (Sticky Bumps Comp for boards up to 6’6”, FCS Regular for boards over 6’6”)
  • Freedom Boardsports T-shirt
  • 20% Accessory Discount (Good for one-time purchase on accessories including fins, leashes, deckpads, etc)
  • Free Shipping Anywhere in Thailand
  • Add a Custom  Freedom Boardbag - 1,400 (Up to 6'11")  / 1,900 (7'0" - 8''5") / 2,400 (8'6" - 9'6")




->Pay Now or Pay in 3 Monthly Installments<-


SURFBOARD AGENCY (Aloha, DVS, Emery, LSD, McCoy, Simon, Stacey, Vampirate, Webber)

  • Pay now – 15% Off + Bonus Pack
  • 3 Monthly Payments – 10% Off + Bonus Pack



  • Pay now – 15% Off Shortboards + Bonus Pack / 10% Off Longboards + Bonus Pack
  • 3 Monthly Payments – 10% Off Shorboards + Bonus Pack / 5% Off Longboards + Bonus Pack



  • All boards 5% Off + Bonus Pack
  • 30% Deposit on Order
  • 35% Due May 30
  • 35% Balance due on pickup (No later than June 30)

* Subject to Factory Status



  • Pay now – 5% Off + Bonus Pack
  • 3 Monthly Payments – Bonus Pack



  • Pay now – 20% Off + Bonus Pack
  • 3 Monthly Payments – 15% Off + Bonus Pack



  • Pay now or 3 Monthly Payments - Price match any advertised price in Thailand + Bonus Pack




1) 30% Payment Due on Order

2) 35% Payment Due by May 31

3) 35% Balance Due no later than June 30

*Items delivered only upon final payment*

**Payments Non-Refundable**



Note on shipping:

As of this writing, we are able to ship surfboards throughout Thailand. However, this may change on short notice according to official government rules.  If we are unable to ship, we will endeavor to ship as soon as possible once able.


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