Another happy customer. Our friend went home with a nice #7S #slipstream and the gear that needs to go with a freshie. Enjoy the (storm) surf ???

Happy 7S saltshaker

Repost of Captain Bob's instagram. Here our customers are using their #inflatable @redpaddleco #paddleboards to entertain their guest in #phiphi giving them the best possible views of the #beautiful lime stone cliffs down here in #thailand

phi phi paddle boarding sup jeejjj

 Our Russian friends came in looking for a freshie. Surfs has been up so no time to waste. They went home with 2 full sets. 1 @chilli_surfboards #cherrypeppa and 1 @lsdsurfboards #tex plus funs pads and bags. Another couple of happy customers ???

our russian friends with a nice chilli

ขอบคุณ#คุณ เอฟ กทม กับ SUP board คู่กายตัวใหม่ใว้ออกกำลังกายและพายเล่นชิลล์ๆริมทะเลก็สนุกไปอีกแบบนึงนะครับ (สำหรับ SUP รุ่นNSP Elements All Rounder SUP ทางร้านใด้จัดโปรพิเศษอุปกรณ์ครบชุด!!!ราคาเพียง28,500฿ครับ)สนใจขอมูลเพิ่มเติมติดต่อเรามาใด้นะครับ

Our Buddy form Bangkok decided to go and have some fun on an SUP. So what better way to start than with a solid NSP element all round and what other way to be moving it around in a saloon car than having some nice FCS soft straps. Happy customers, happy days :-)

NSP Elements SUP paddle board

More happy customers. Lee came to pick up a nice #NSP Kym #Thompson #Longboard. And Bao from Kata came to pick up his new NSP toys for his #surfschool. Our two other friends came in for a nice #Firewire #Pyzalian thats going to be used mainly in Nicaragua but also other places the boat will dock. And our other friend went home with a nice #haydenshapes #hypokrypto .... just in time to catch the afternoon session ..... Guess surf season has begun :-)

More happy customers firewire NSP kym thompson hayden shapes

Another happy customer. Trey a.k.a. Mister 3 came into the shop today.... and walked out with a nice 10.6 ride from @redpaddleco ? but why not get an nice @firewiresurfboards #Dominator 5.8 while your at it as well ?? Have fun Trey and we see you #paddeling around #phuket and in the surf. ???

Trey red paddle co firewire dominator

Another happy customer! Aurelio doing his SUP and bodyboard rental in Koh Samui on Chaweng Noi Beach. Right in front of the Fair House Villa's. Now you know where to go for a paddle in Koh Samui.

Aurelio Koh Samui SUP rental

Another happy customer! Andy and his girlfriend both work on a big sailboat and you can't go working on a sailboat without some surfboards.... in case you might bump into some surf ;-)

Too much to choose from here at Freedom Boardsports so they ended up buying 3 boards. It was too difficult to make up their minds between a Firewire Baked Potato, Dominator and an LSD Tex. So why not take em all :-) Now they can mix and match and play around and use the Baked Potato also for a bit of kiteboarding. Good luck and have fun in Sri Lanka.

Andy is happy

‪#‎firewire‬ ‪#‎firewiresurfboards‬ ‪#‎lsd‬ ‪#‎dominator‬ ‪#‎bakedpotato‬ ‪#‎tex‬ ‪#‎freedom‬‪#‎freedomboardsports‬ ‪#‎fcs‬ ‪#‎futures‬ ‪#‎gorilla‬

Daniel got a gift certificate for Christmas from his lovely girlfriend Susan. Yesterday he finally came down to the shop and picked up an brand new #LSD #tex 5,8.

Don't forget to swing by our shop if you want to surprise some friends with a surf/SUP related present. Or if your not sure what to get, our gift certificate is always a winner.



McTavish Eightball headed home with our friend from Nakhonsritammarat 

McTavish Eightball headed home with our friend from Nakhonsritammarat


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