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Custom board bags in all shapes and sizes made here at the shop.

Posted on March 23 2016

Don't forget that we make custom board bags in all sizes and shapes right here at the Freedom Boardsports shop. 

We have a nice fabric selection with different colours and you can mix and match a bit. You can have your bag thick, thin, wide, small, subtle, obnoxious, single padded, double padded, triple padded, 1 board, 2 boards.... you name it. 

So if it's for a ‪#‎bodyboard‬ ‪#‎surfboard‬ ‪#‎sup‬ ‪#‎paddleboard‬ ‪#‎wakeboard‬ we can make it. 

Click here to see the details :

custom board bag for sup surf wake body board

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