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Tigerwax / Tropical Surf Wax



Premium quality tropical surf wax – mixed, poured and prepared by hand in Thailand. The passion, precision and love that is hand poured into every single bar of this surf wax is passed -quite literally- from our hands straight to yours.

Tigerwax’s multi-formula tropical surf wax line is designed to fit every surfers preference, from hard to soft, creating a wide range of options in durability and tack to give you the customized feel you have been searching for.

With a spirit inherently Thai, the scent is made from 100% natural herbal ingredients.

Basecoat / Hard & Stable

For Surfers who prefer more stability under foot, Tigerwax’s Basecoat lays a lasting foundation. This formula is designed to work as a hard and durable base for our Tropical and Topcoat formulas. This harder wax holds your Topcoat in place and prevents rub off at pressure points.

Tropical / Firm & Balanced

For surfers who prefer a balanced surf wax with great stability and stickiness. Tigerwax’s Tropical formula is designed to work as a stand alone surf wax with equal levels of stability and tack, giving you a balance of easy application, stability and lasting grip.


Topcoat / Soft & Sticky

For surfers who prefer as much grip as they can get. Tigerwax’s Topcoat formula is designed to offer maximum stickiness when applied over our Basecoat and Tropical formulas. Our softest formula with super easy application and optimum traction keeps you connected with your board.