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Thunderbolt Longboards / Kai Sallas Camper

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9'5" Blue - TB Red - Single/FCSII


The Camper is a high performance design, with an emphasis on nose riding.

What makes the Camper so unique is how wide and round the nose is. You can really tell when you look at it. The nose is just really much wider and rounder than you would expect.

I created this kind of nose design for the Camper to give it a lot of stability up there so that you can really camp out on the nose. That’s where this model gets its name. You feel like you can really post up and and spend time on the nose easily. I love it.

Also though, when you step on the tail, you can whip it and pivot it really easily. It’s a really good design for when the waves are softer around town here on Oahu. Or in California, anywhere really


9’1” x 23” x 2.62” | 66.7L
9’5” x 23.5” x 2.87” | 75.3L

Available Builds



Carbon Fiber Lamination 

Competition Weight & Flex



Fiberglass Lamination 

Competition Weight & Flex