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Thunderbolt Longboards / Harley Ingleby HIHP


9'1" - TB Red - 4+1 - White


This is the performance longboard that Harley Ingleby won his second ASP World Title on in 2014.

It is an upgrade of the board which he won his first World Title on. In 2009.
The HIHP is a true high performance longboard with a continuous curve rocker that enables direction adjustments along its entire length. The HIHP is designed flat under the nose for superior planing tight in the curl without trim lock or speed loss.

A very light convex bottom through the middle helps keep the rails free for quick rail-to-rail transitions. The double concave spiral V with a flat tail area allows powerful turning in all surf conditions.

While normally ridden as a 2+1 or thruster, quad plugs have been added for improved handling in bigger surf if longer turns at speed are desired.



9’1” x 21 7/8" x 2 13/16” | 61.4L

Available Builds



Carbon Fiber Lamination 

Competition Weight & Flex



Fiberglass Lamination 

Competition Weight & Flex


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