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Size/System: 9'6" / Single Box / Balsa Flex


THE OLDY is a board for the longboarding purists. This board will enable you to surf with style and grace but still perform to the best of your ability.

Built as a nose riding machine this board will have you parked up the front for as long as the waves last. Taking on even the most marginal conditions and walking away with a massive smile on your face


9'6" x 19 1/4" x 23 1/2" x 15 13/16" - 75.4





Full nose, parallel outline, area rounded square. Area in the nose always helps with nose riding, especially at lower speeds when you're relying on the nose area to plane on top of the water. The parallel outline holds a straighter line when walking and nose riding, while the wider tail offers more surface area for the spilling wave to hold it down, allowing longer tip time.


Low, 50/50 soft bottom edge all the way. The finer low rail makes it easier to drop into a turn, but the key feature is the super soft bottom edge, this encourages the water to wrap the rail and flow onto the deck. Water on the deck stabilizes the board and locks it into the wave face better, making it feel stable to walk and nose ride.


Flat nose to performance tail rocker. The flat nose helps with paddle power and carry into waves, while on the nose it just tonks along better, maintaining momentum even if the wave slows down. The extra tail rocker was added for 2 reasons. 1st. A lot of features in the Oldy stiffen and make the board hard to turn, so the tail rocker offsets this and loosens it up again. 2. A good nose rider needs to slow down when you're on the nose, so you can hang in the curl of the wave, nose rocker, extra rocker in general or lastly extra tail rocker will slow a board down. So the goal is to slow the tail down so it drags water, rather than slowing the nose down so it pushes water.


Flat nose, Roll center to V in the tail. The roll and V slow it down when you stomp on the tail, but that is also part of the whole Log feeling. 


Slightly flatter. The rolled and V bottom bring the apex closer to the deck, leaving the deck flatter.


Single Fin. The larger center fin creates a more stable platform to walk on and also holds a cleaner more direct line while nose riding. As you walk, the board has a tendency to rock a little rail to rail if you're not walking the center perfectly and lightly. The deeper fin resists this rocky wobbly feeling and keeps the board flat and stable.