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Ronix / Krush 128 Wakeboard

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128cm - White
Ronix Krush Wakeboard - Women's 2010: Redefining the versatility of board shapes for toe/heelside demands is the Ronix Krush Wakeboard. When you are riding heelside your body is facing the boat with natural balance. While riding toeside your shoulders are facing the boat and your hips are crossed up. Toeside is an unnatural position without as much effective edge in the water. Every aspect of the rocker line, sidecut and variable rails of the Ronix Krush Wakeboard is designed for maximum edge hold on your toeside, while still giving you freedom to break free on your heelside.

Compression molded foam makes for a lighter, more forgiving ride.

Rocker and Base Features
3-Stage Rocker: Straighter curve through the center with accelerated kick at the tips. The Ronix Krush Wakeboard gives you smooth transitions into the tail section for a higher trajectory off the wake.

The toe-side rail is thinned out to sit deeper in the water along with a wider profile with less sidecut riding higher up the wake with a bigger sweet spot. The heel-side rail has a more vertical sidewall with less resistance on the water, and more sidecut for a quicker release.

Other Features
Designed with the everyday rider in mind


  • Model Year: 2010
  • Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Fins: 4 molded fins. // 2 fiberglass 1.3” fins
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Core Construction: Compression molded foam
Size (cm) 128 134
Rocker Size (in) 5.3cm/2.1 5.8cm/2.3
Waist Width (in) 41.7cm/16.4 42.2cm/16.6