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Ronix / Bill 138 Wakeboard

฿4,500 ฿20,610

138 - Blue

Leave it to Bill to design a series that has a different skate like feel on the water for water jockey sledders behind the boat, or at a cable park. A board for the movement of longer rope lengths, bigger wakes and faster boat speeds comes equipped with our super fast/durable Sintered Base material. He created a shape for the modern day wakeboarder with an improved drag coefficient and a super fast rocker with a higher degree of angle in the tip/tail. Bill loves to indulge in all sorts of big words like drag coefficient. He's a smart guy and knows what the next generation of riders are looking for in a really fast ride. The widest stance options available for the most in board control on rails. Bill came up with this year's artwork together with Frank. The boys logged some hours camping in the great Northwest, partying with some girl scout camp counselors. Until the ladies dumped 'em from putting on too many lbs. eating their chocolate chip cookies.

Key Features:
  • 2012 Model
  • Center variable edge
  • a 10" semi full rail and a subtle bevel create a controlled accelerated -edge transfer with a forgiving bottom design
  • Tip/Tail variable edge
  • a sharper rail and bevel have more of a locked down feel once on edge
  • Thinner profile reduces swing weight along with a unique 45degrees angled tip/tail profile
  • Simple bottom shape with a slight convex belly designed to land with more forward momentum
  • Monocoque
  • A wrapped glass from the top to the bottom so the flash line is no longer the weak point of the board
  • but the strongest
  • Sintered Base
  • The most durable non-stick base material we have ever tested on rails without loosing any glide speed on the water
  • Mod Pour
  • The highest strength to weight ratio we have ever tested
  • setting the standard of the most refined recipe of foam out there
  • Krypto Cable
  • Combined with our monocoque laminated glass, this cable makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board
  • not the weakest
  • 4 Slider Fins
  • A fin actually designed to be sessioned on rails, also for riders that like that finless feel, the wider design creates turbulence giving it a less gratuitous grip on the water
  • 4 fiberglass 1.0" ramp fins
  • Length (cm): 134, 138, 142
  • Tip Width (in): N/A
  • Mid Width (in): 16.5 (134), 16.7 (138), 16.9 (142)
  • Rocker (angle/arc): 10.3/Late