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NSP / Elements Classic Cruise SUP - Complete Set

฿22,900 ฿30,700

11'6" - Green




The Elements Cruise SUP is a great board with its generous volume making it easy to balance on for riders of all sizes.

It also features a double concave bottom shape and fluid outline which will make this a super fun board in the surf. This SUP will be a lot easier to carry and transport than other stand up paddle boards at the same volume.

Includes NSP Aluminun Alloy Adjustable Paddle

Fins: Included
Fin System: Blue: Single Center / Green: FCS Sides with Single Center
Paddle: Included


Length Width Thickness Volume
9'8'' 32'' 4 ⁵/⁸ 166.2
10'2'' 32'' 4 ⁷/⁸ 205.4
11'0'' 31'' 4 ¹/⁴ 190
11'6'' 33'' 4 ³/⁴ 223.9


Released in 2013 Elements was designed to offer a baseline offering to the NSP Range. Available in a limited range of the NSP best sellers Elements offers amazing durability and value.

The NSP philosophy has always been that if they make boards that exceed your expectations. Not only will you appreciate the value but will use it more often. The Elements are the building blocks of nature; this part of the NSP range was developed to be the board that is one of the essential building blocks to enjoying your life on the water.

- Securecell water resistant EPS Core
- High density foam inserts around all fin boxes, leash plugs and handles
- High durability integrated Polyurethane coating applied in the mould
- Vacuum moulded Epoxy construction
- Standard internal carry handle on SUP