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NSP / E+ Hybrid


6'6" Taildip Blue



E+ Hybrid

NSP’s E+ Hybrid is a high performance versatile and user friendly intermediate short board.

Designed with the tail of a short board for performance and the wider nose of a Fish for paddling power and stability.

Performance rails, bottom rocker and foil to make it fast, stable and maneuverable on the wave.

Flat rocker, added width catches waves easily and generates speed. Pulled in round tail for bite and hold through rail turns and in steeper waves.

Ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers, suits any wave situation from beach breaks to point breaks.

Five fin box system on HDT Elements models offers the option of stock tri fin or optional quad fin set up.

Fins Included

Length Width Thickness Volume
6'0'' 20 ¹/² 2 ¹/² 35
6'2'' 20 ³/⁴ 2 ⁵/⁸ 40.5
6'4'' 21 2 ³/⁴ 43.5
6'6'' 21 ¹/² 3 51.9


Unrivalled strength and high durability.

–  E+ is the next evolution of NSP’s famous E2 Classic molding technology.

–  The E+ range features NSP’s most popular board designs.

–  Deploys extremely tough military grade fibers and ASA sheet creating a ballistic skin on deck/bottom

–  EPS SecureCell core and eco-friendly bio-resin.

–  Perfect for schools and rentals demanding a highly durable product with long term ROI.