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NSP / DC Surf Race Elite SUP

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12'6" x 27"

DC Surf Race Elite

Designed to be at the front of the pack of the popular 12'6 Race class the 12'6 x 27 has great flatwater speed and amazing stability and control in buoy turns and in and out of the surf and in ocean conditions. These boards are also proven downwind performers making the DC 12'6 one of the most versatile boards ever designed.

It is the ultimate in lightweight, elite, high end production. NSP Brushed Carbon boards are the lightest, stiffest boards available and are designed to satisfy the most discerning paddler. This technology features vacuum bagged double biased Carbon fibre top and bottom. The deck is reinforced with a PVC sandwich to add durability and stiffness. To fully minimize weight the boards have not been painted and feature the custom hand sanded blue brushed carbon matt finish.

Brushed Carbon screams performance without compromise

• Securecell water resistant EPS Core
• PVC sandwich on the deck for strength
• Vacuum bagged Biaxial carbon top and bottom
• Unbelievably light and Incredibly stiff
• Includes foam core Carbon Fibre fin
• Includes 2 x Neoprene wrapped racing straps, inserts both sides on the nose for regular or goofy foot set up.



When winning is all that matters, you need to step up to the ultimate, and this is it. These boards are the exact same that our pro team including Travis Grant and Terrene Black use - and win on. With an ultra-light, full carbon vacuum molded construction, the stiffness and stealth of these craft cannot be compared. We maintain a PVC reinforced deck for integrity under extreme race conditions, and with the weight savings from the unique layup process and the streamlined pro inspired shapes of the Pro Carbon series, every ounce of paddle energy translates directly to straight forward, race winning motion.

Unlike other manufacturers, we also offer you the same boards that our team riders use. With NSP, if you want to paddle the same board as Travis Grant or Terrene Black - you can. We will get you across the line in first place just like our professional team - if you’re up for the challenge.