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NSP / DC SUP Foil Board - USED



Second hand NSP DC SUP Foil 6’6”

Good condition

Price: 18,000 (new price 33,900)

SUP Foil

Shaped and designed by Dale (DC) Chapman, NSP presents the all-new DC Foil SUP, built in our new SLX carbon technology.

Available in three sizes: 6’1”, 6’6” and 6’10. All three shapes are similar in shape, exceptional at downwinding and surf unbelievably well.

The recessed carbon-reinforced deck lowers your centre of gravity, adding stability and control. A center ridge just below the EVA deck pad runs conveniently along the entire length of the board allowing you to position yourself on the center of your board without looking down.

A full-length uni-directional carbon stringer on the deck plus a uni-directional carbon stringer on the bottom add strength and foil drive.

Chinned rails on the bottom are very forgiving for those last minute touchdowns and the smooth rocker through the flat, towards the tail, is combined with a late kick behind the foil. Dale designed this board with a little more volume under the back-foot area – this helps catching bumps earlier for an easy lift-off.

Twin Track mounting system

The latest generation of NSP foil boards come exclusively with twin track mounts. Designed to withstand the increased torsional forces the hydrofoils can exert on a board, it is the widest accepted foil system in the industry and NSP’s preferred foil mounting system.

Airwave Foil: Not Included

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
6'1" 25.5" 4.5" 86 liters 6.36 kg EST
6'6" 27.5" 4.875" 110 liters 7.22 kg EST
6'10" 27.5" 4.875" 120 liters 7.73 kg EST


NSP DC SUP FOILBOARD review after 12 months from shaan miller on Vimeo.