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NSP / Classic P2 Soft Longboard

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8'2" - Red

Classic P2 Longboard

P2 Soft boards are tuned for school and rental environments to provide the ultimate beginner experience. With four key sizes the NSP P2 softboard range has you covered.

The SecureCell EPS core is fully encased in a durable fiber epoxy shell and wrapped with a textured soft-top and slick bottom to soften any bumps.

Protective rubber strips on the nose and tail ensure these boards take the abuse.These boards help beginners to quickly gain confidence and comfortably progress in the surf.

Upgrade the fins and unleash the true surfing performance that’s hidden under the hood.

Fins Included!


Size Chart

Length Width Thickness Volume
8'2'' 22 ¹/¹⁶ 3 ³/¹⁶ 66
9'2'' 23 ¹/⁴ 3 ⁷/⁸ 84
10'2'' 23 3 ¹/² 96
11'0'' 25 ³/⁴ 3 ³/⁴ 124



–  Eco-friendly shape molded SecureCell EPS core.

–  NSP’s durable fiberglass and epoxy construction with eco-friendly bio resin.

–  Solid rubber bumpers nose and tail.

–  New unique colors.

–  Crocodile textured soft-top deck.

–  Fast slick skin HD bottom.

–  FCS or FCSII Fin System