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Custom X / Invader Bodyboard



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Core: PE - the classic bodyboard core, providing unrivaled response and control especially in larger, more hollow waves. The superior flex in a PE/Dow core allows for greater hold and maneuverability on the wave face.

Deck: Cross Link Deck Skin - a denser, more compact foam that absorbs very little water and is very durable

Bottom: HDPE Slick - hardened slick material that is durable and fast, yet still super responsive

Tail: Clipped Crescent Tail - provides superior control and hold on the wave face while also allowing for ease of rail to rail transitions and release from carves and spins

Additional Features: Comes pre-plugged with a basic leash included.

Sizes: 36", 38", 40", 42", 44"

Colors: Light Blue, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


Sizing Guide

 Board Size Recommended Weight
36" Up to 30kg (65lbs)
38" 30kg - 45kg (65lbs - 95lbs)
40" 45kg - 65kg (95lbs - 140lbs)
42" 65kg - 80kg (140lbs - 180lbs)
44" 80kg - 125kg (180lbs - 270lbs)

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