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Chilli / Cherry Peppa




Red Peppa, slight single down to a very strong double concave and vee out through the tail.

The vee bottom really compliments this board as it has a very flat rocker (which allows it to be uber fast) making the transition from rail to rail nice and simple. Think, the days you rock up and it’s 1 foot summer slop, you won’t be driving home without salty hair and a smile  on your face if you have this board in the quiver. It’s the ultimate summer pal.

Equipped with a 5 fin option for your choice of a quad set-up (which we highly recommend on a point break), or a thruster set-up for that shorey bash we all love to go for. Drop 5-6 inches from your shortboard (or 2-3 inches from your Rare Bird), this board has area for paddle power and stability for all levels of surfing.”

Jamie Cheal

5’2 20 2 3/16 25.61
5’4 20 1/4 2 1/4  27.49
5’6 20 1/2 2 5/16 29.46
5’8 20 3/4 2 3/8 31.54
5’10 21 2 7/16 33.84
6’0 21 1/4 2 1/2 36.11
6’2 21 1/2 2 5/8 39.29
6’4 22 2 3/4 42.87

XF Technology: XF Boards are constructed using a 36gram EPS core with a high-grade timber stringer, each board is hand laminated using Epoxy Resign and Biaxial Fibreglass on the deck providing a lighter, stronger board that feels fast and responsive under your feet increasing performance in a wide variety of conditions!



Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; the 50/50 technology combines a lightweight EPS core with High Grade Fibreglass Cloth Carbon Fibre Frame and Epoxy Resin

Fins: Not Included
Fin System: FCS II

Chilli Cherry Peppa fin recommendations  chilli cherry peppa speed

Chilli Surfboards - Cherry Peppa from Chilli on Vimeo.